Mastering The Sales Pitch

Research from organisations such as Salesforce shows that in this digital economy 80% of deals are now won or lost at the first meeting.

Most sales teams, however, still treat their first meeting with the client as a research meeting. Champion Builders are different. They have mastered the sales pitch and use the first meeting to differentiate themselves from the competition by demonstrating such a high level of client understanding, that the client begins to choose them as their preferred supplier from the very outset.

Mastering The Sales Pitch
Mastering The Sales Pitch

Why attend?

Mastering The Sales Pitch is different from other presentation skills training. Drawing not just from the world of business, but also from the acting profession, this workshop gives you a structured model to make sales pitches that radically increase your chances of winning the deal from the very first meeting whether online or in person.

You will learn to

  • Use the EPIC formula for giving highly compelling pitches.
  • Run an online meeting that makes you stand out from your competition.
  • Differentiate within the first few minutes of your pitch.
  • Quickly build rapport with audiences of any size.
  • Successfully pitch as a team.
  • Maintain an ideal “presenter state” of being balanced & centred.
  • Structure your pitch so that it works best with everyone’s learning style.
  • Use stories & metaphors to really put your message across.
  • Use a whiteboard effectively and avoid “death by PowerPoint”.
  • Use a positioning chart to differentiate your solution.
  • Use the stage to anchor positive messages.
  • Learn the 5 qualities of good demos

Course info

COURSE: Mastering The Sales Pitch
DURATION: 2-day Workshop
QUALIFICATION: Certified Completion of Mastering The Sales Pitch
PRICE: £795 per person