Mastering Strategic Influence

Research shows that in today’s digital age 95% of the sale now happens when you are not there. And with better information flows between departments, typical enterprise customers report that an average of 5 different people are now formally involved in a typical purchase decision.

A mixture of classroom learning and practical application, this 2-day workshop gives you the latest techniques for motivating your champion to sell for you when you are not there.

Mastering Strategic Influence
Mastering Strategic Influence

Why attend?

Mastering the art & science of influence is one of the most important skills you and your team can acquire. You have to inspire a champion to sell for you when you are not there. In fact, you just can’t win the deal without a fully motivated champion.

What you will learn

  • How to leverage Cialdini's 7 scientific principles of persuasion.
  • How to build rapport in an instant.
  • How to master the power of unconscious communication
  • How to identify your champion's values & motivation.
  • How to identify and match your champion's individual personality type.
  • How to arm your champion to have all the tools they need to sell for you.
  • How to master the art of positioning.
  • How to use the ultimate sales formula.

Course info

COURSE: Mastering The Sales Pitch
DURATION: 2-day Workshop
QUALIFICATION: Successful Completion of Mastering The Sales Pitch
PRICE: £795 per person