Certified Master Practitioner

When you have successfully completed the four core Champion Building courses you will become a Certified Master Practioner of Champion Building:


Mastering Executive Engagement
Mastering The Sales Pitch
Mastering Strategic Influence
Mastering Win-Win Negotiations

Why become certified?

With 80% of sales being won or lost at the first meeting and 95% of the sale happening when you are not there, there has never been a more important time to master your champion building skills.


Certified Champion Builders are amongst the highest-paid business development people in the country and lead the way in enabling both their team and their customers to be more effective and successful at what they do.

Who should be certified?

  • All salespeople who want to take their skills to the next level.
  • Anyone in pre-sales who want to fine-tune their influence skills.
  • Anyone in customer success who wants their clients to renew their contracts.
  • Marketing professionals who want to better support the sales process.

Certification info

QUALIFICATION: Certified Master Practitioner of Champion Building
REQUIREMENTS: Successful completion of the following 4 courses:
Mastering Executive Engagement. Mastering The Sales Pitch. Mastering Strategic Influence. Mastering Win-Win Negotiations.