The Champion Building methodology was developed by SaaS sales specialist and multiple Presidents Club winner, Bob Skeens.


Eternally curious, Bob has spent his career modelling how the very best salespeople achieve exceptional results. He has distilled these strategies into simple to use tools and techniques that anyone can use to improve their sales performance. Bob is also a certified achievement coach.

Bob Skeens, Founder & Head Coach
Bob Skeens, Founder & Head Coach
Bob & team wining one of many awards at Salesforce
Bob & team wining one of many awards at Salesforce

The Champion Building methodology is based on sales teams being able to answer 3 key questions:

Do you always start your campaigns at the executive level?

Do you always achieve 1st meeting excellence?

Do you always focus on building champions in your accounts?

When you master the skills to successfully answer these questions and harness the inner game of selling, your sales results will go to the next level.

Bob is the author of the Champion Building methodology for selling in the digital economy.

He originally started selling for a small tech company back in the 80’s working without a salary. When he left that company two years later, he was earning more than the CEO.

Bob then joined a number of US tech start-ups and specialised in selling to brands in the UK and across Europe.

He went on to win multiple President Club awards and earned more than a million dollars a year on multiple occasions. More importantly, the people around Bob who were also using the strategies Bob was using, were also achieving the high hundreds of thousands in income per year.

Whilst regularly being asked by his employers such as Salesforce to teach the techniques to his colleagues, the time came for Bob to eventually hang up his boots. He distilled the methods he and his colleagues were using into the Champion Building methodology and now provides workshops and coaching to leading technology companies.

A lifelong student of success and also a fully certified achievement coach, Bob has done his 10,000 hours of research having spent decades studying seminal material from Hill and Carnegie to Bandler and Cialdini. His core strength is his ability is to synthesise these insights into simple to use tools and techniques that anyone can use to improve their results.

Bob is available for conference keynotes, corporate training and executive coaching.


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