The ROI for Champion Building is highly compelling. This is because champions help you close bigger deals faster and refer more opportunities to you.

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KPI Current Future
Opps 10 12.5
Size 100K 125K
Close 33% 41%
Sales 330K 645K

By increasing each KPI by 25% you enjoy a 95% increase in overall sales

How Champion Building increases all 3 KPI's

Increased Opps

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  • Getting meetings in the C-Suite
  • Referrals from your champion
  • Higher renewal opportunities

Increased Deal Sizes

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Beacuse Good Champions:

  • Reveal their company's deeper pain
  • Work with you to find a broader solution
  • See the greater value in your offer

Increased Close Rates

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  • Starting campaigns at the C-level
  • Excelling at the very 1st meeting
  • Champions guiding you to the close

Increased Customer Retention

The digital economy is heralding a new economic reality for the tech industry. With the advent of subscription models, we are moving from sales being the lifeblood of the company, to customer retention being the lifeblood of a company.

In the old industrial economy, 80% of your growth came from large upfront deals with the remaining 20% coming from support & maintenance contracts. In the digital economy, this is reversed. 80% of your growth now comes from customer retention, with 20% coming from new client acquisition.

Building champions is essential to not only acquiring new customers but to retaining them too.

Champion Building is for acquiring & retaining clients
Champion Building is for acquiring & retaining clients

Richard Gravelle


Champion Building is the only way for you to hit 200% of target

Peter Brown


Using Champion Building helped me to radically increase my close rates

Matt Meadows


Starting your campaigns at the C-level is fundamental to winning more deals.