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The sales methodology for the digital age

The digital age is changing enterprise selling

of the sale happens when you are not there
of vendors are selected at the first sales pitch
chance of winning the deal if you start your sales campaign in the executive suite

Today you need to master the art of building champions in your accounts to give you the edge

Modelled from the strategies of the top 1% of SaaS economy salespeople, Champion Building gives you the latest tools to win both the outer and the inner game of selling:


Fill your pipe by mastering executive engagement

Get selected more often by mastering the sales pitch

Build better champions by mastering strategic influence

Close more deals by mastering win-win negotiations

Take your results to the next level by mastering the inner game of selling

Mastering Executive Engagement

When you engage senior executives early you dramatically increase your close rate. Learn the latest strategies for filling your pipe by starting your sales campaigns at the highest levels of your clients' organisation.

Mastering The Sales Pitch

80% of vendors are now selected at the first pitch to the client. Learn how to knock it out of the park at this crucial meeting whether in person or online.

Mastering Strategic Influence

95% of the sale happens when you are not there. Get ahead of the pack with the ultimate tools for building champions to sell internally for you.

Mastering Win-Win Negotiations

In the new digital economy, the only sales you can close are ones where both parties win. Update your negotiation skills with the latest tools for closing win-win deals.

Mastering The Inner Game

80% of success is your mindset. When you master the inner game of selling, you will take your results to the next level.

Master Practitioner

When you have successfully completed all of the core courses, you will become a certified Master Practitioner of Champion Building


Champions not only help you close deals faster, but they also help you to increase your average deal size and the number of opportunities you have.

In fact, with just a 25% increase in each of these KPI's, you will enjoy a 95% increase in overall sales.

Opportunity Increase
Deal Size Increase
Close Rate Increase
Overall Sales Increase

Put it all together with the CHAMPS Deal Guide

The CHAMPS deal guide is a powerful traffic light based qualification system that is used to highlight how well you have understood the customer’s business and how well you have ascertained the necessary information to win the deal.

It can be easily be added to your CRM.

Leads to the next sales step or activity

Improves the accuracy of sales forecasts

Reduces costs by qualifying out of unwinnable deals

Increase sales through better qualification

Meet your coach

Your coach is digital economy sales specialist & Master Practitioner of Champion Building, Bob Skeens.