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The sales methodology for the SaaS economy

The digital age is changing enterprise selling

of the sale happens when you are not there
of deals are won or lost at the 1st meeting
chance of winning the deal if you start your sales campaign at the C-Level

Today you need to master the art of Champion Building to acquire & retain more customers.

Modelled from the strategies of the top 1% of SaaS economy salespeople, Champion Building gives you the latest tools to win both the outer and the inner game of selling.

Effective C-Level Engagement

When you engage the C-suite early you can dramatically increase your close rate. Learn the latest strategies for succeeding at the very top.

Achieving 1st Meeting Excellence

80% of deals are now won or lost at the first meeting with the client. Learn how to work as a team to knock it out of the park at the crucial first pitch.

Reinforcing & Influencing Your Champion

95% of the sale happens when you are not there. Get ahead of the pack with the ultimate tools for influencing champions.

Negotiating Win-Win Deals

In the new SaaS economy, the only deals you can close are ones where both parties win. Update your negotiation skills with the latest tools for closing renewable contracts.

Building The Inner Champion

80% of success is your mindset. When you master the inner game of selling, you will take your results to the next level.

Certified Practitioner

When you have successfully completed all of the core courses, you will become a certified practitioner of Champion Building


Champions not only help you close deals faster, but they also help you to increase your average deal size and the number of opportunities you have.

In fact, with just a 25% increase in each of these KPI's, you will enjoy a 95% increase in overall sales.

Opportunity Increase
Deal Size Increase
Close Rate Increase
Overall Sales Increase

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