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Enterprise sales training for the digital age

Win more business

Modelled from the strategies of the top 1% of sales and services professionals, Champion Building  gives you the latest tools to win more business in today's digital age.

It shows you how to view your client as someone you sell with, rather than someone you sell to, during your sales campaigns. It teaches you how to build your clients into champions who will work with you to get your proposition adopted by their company.

Whether you are an agency selling services or a product company selling solutions, Champion Building is designed for all your customer facing people.


Champion Building is for you if you identify with any of these challenges:

  • Building champions in the C-suite

  • Achieving 1st meeting excellence by knocking it out of the park at the very first pitch - whether online or in person

  • Strategically influencing champions so they want to sell with you

  • Closing the type of deals that lead to more referrals and more renewals

Champion Building is delivered through four workshops:

Mastering Executive Engagement

When you engage senior executives early you dramatically increase your close rate. Learn the latest strategies for filling your pipe by starting your champion building at the highest levels of your clients' organisation.


Mastering the Sales Pitch

80% of suppliers are now selected at the first pitch to the client. Learn the EPIC formula to knock it out of the park and build champions at this crucial first meeting - whether in person or online.

Mastering Strategic Influence

In this digital age, 95% of the sale now happens when you are not there. Get ahead of the pack with the latest tools for strategically influencing your champion - so they want to sell internally with you.

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Mastering Win-Win Negotiations

In the new digital economy, the only sales you can close are ones where both parties win. Update your negotiation skills with the latest tools for working with your champion to close win-win deals.

Put it all together with the CHAMPS Deal Guide

The CHAMPS deal guide is a powerful traffic light based qualification system that helps you close more deals by giving you all the key questions you need to run a highly effective sales campaign.

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The ROI for Champion Building is highly compelling

A good champion will enable you to drive up the 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) of sales:

  • Increased opportunities

  • Increased average order values

  • Increased close rates

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Champion Building is for the whole team.

Champion building is more than a sales strategy, it's a culture that your whole team can adopt to give your clients the best possible experience.

Its not just field salespeople who build champions, its:

  • Inside Salespeople

  • Presales Consultants

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Professional Services

  • Technical Services

  • Creative Services

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Meet your coach

Your coach is digital economy sales specialist and author of the book 'Champion Building - Enterprise selling in the digital age', Bob Skeens.

Champion Building - Bob Skeens