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Champion Building keynotes & workshops are used by some of the very best SaaS companies 


Naomi Dreifuss
Account Executive 

I was fortunate to participate in a Champion Building workshop led by Bob. He is an infectious coach who opened my eyes to show me how effective the MEDDIC and Champion Building methodologies are. I will never sell the same way I used to before reading Bob's fantastic book and completing his training. If you are passionate about learning to master your sales skills and profession, look no other way! 


Paul Scholey
VP International 

‘Bob is the consummate keynote speaker and has shared his talent and experience to take my sales team and their results to the next level.’


Nikhil Kulkarni 
Enterprise Account Executive

Champion building is the corner stone of any successful sales strategy. Bob has taken a complex nuanced subject and turned into digestible modules which builds a rookie or seasoned sellers understanding of the subject while providing tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.


Matt Meddings
Commercial Director

 "Building champions is the single, most important miletsone of any sales engagement. Bob's experience, knowledge & guidance is pivotal to our sales process moving forward"


Lyndon Smith
Sales Director 

"Bob has completely transformed our entire sales process, given us a winning methodology, and more importantly we are already seeing the results! Thoroughly recommended!"


Gareth Morris
SVP International

'Bob's keynote was highly impactful and we saw results literally the next day. Highly recommended to anyone looking to drive consistency in their sales

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