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Praise for Champion Building 

Champion Building is modelled from some of the very best SaaS sales professionals

Steve W2.png
Steve Williamson

General Manager at Acquia

'There are no substitutes to building champions. Bob has mastered this and turned it into a repeatable model for all our success’

Rob Gillies

VP of Sales at Clearpay

‘Champion building is, arguably, the single most important thing a sales professional can do. No Champion - no deal. It’s as simple as that’

Richard Gravelle

Enterprise Director at Salesforce

'Building champions is about selling together. It’s about viewing yourself as being on the same team. That’s the true art of Champion Building'

Steve Barrett

VP Sales at PagerDuty

‘Always identify champions, develop them, test them and make sure you put credit back in the bank with them - so they become a champion for life’