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Return On Investment 

Increase Overall Sales and Double Your Revenues!

Sales revenue is driven by three key performance indicators (KPIs). These are:


Number of qualified opportunities, average order value, and close rate.


Champion Building will enable you to increase each of these KPI's.


In fact, increasing each KPI by just 26% means you would actually enjoy a 100% increase in overall sales and double your revenues.

ROI in pounds.png
Increased Opportunities
  • Getting meetings in the C-suite

  • Referrals from your champion

  • Higher renewal opportunities

Increased Average Order Value
  • Reveal their deeper pain

  • Work to find a broader solution

  • See the greater value in your offer

Because good champions:
Increased Close Rates
  • Starting campaigns at the C-level

  • Excelling at the very 1st pitch

  • Champions guiding the close

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