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Mastering Win-Win Negotiations

Win-win negotiations are the only way to close deals in today’s SaaS economy.


In the previous On-Premise economy sellers could win and buyers could lose, but the sellers would never enjoy substantial further business from these clients.


In today’s world where clients are asked to renew their contracts on a term basis, deals have to be struck that are highly beneficial for both parties.

Why Master Win-Win Negotiations?

Closing the deal on time is key to successfully selling. Find out how to work with your champion to secure a contract where both you and your client win.

Win-Win Negotiations

Win-Win Negotiations

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You will learn how to:

  • Use the 7 rules of win-win negotiations.

  • Work with your champion to find the deal that their company will accept.

  • Understand the psychology and personality type of buyers.

  • Resist pressure and maintain your revenue goals.

  • Master the art of reframing objections. 

  • Master the closing techniques that set up a win-win outcome.