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Mastering Executive Engagement

Analysis from successful SaaS sales campaigns shows that 50% of the deals where you engage the executive suite early don’t go to RFP, and of the ones that do, the executive level relationship results in a 50% close rate. That means that effective executive engagement can result in a 75% win rate.


This workshop shows you how to secure meetings with senior level executives so you build champions at the very top of your clients' organisation.

Why Master Executive Engagement?

Mastering how to engage effectively with senior executives is essential to your sales success today. When you start your sales campaigns at the top of an organisation you achieve much higher close rates and avoid bids going out to an elongated RFP process.

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You will learn how to:

  • Master using a Value Pyramid.

  • Learn a four-part executive contact framework.

  • Secure meetings with senior level execs.

  • Work with executive assistants.

  • Talk in language that the C-level values.

  • Identify new opportunities ahead of your competition.