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Mastering MEDDIC 

MEDDIC is the most widely used qualification methodology in the SaaS industry, but few people use it effectively.

This workshop shows you how to use MEDDIC in the most productive way possible and gives you a consistent framework for identifying all the steps needed to successfully close the deal.

Why attend the Mastering MEDDIC workshop?

The Mastering MEDDIC workshop will teach you every element of MEDDIC in detail complete with how and when to deploy it. This workshop includes everything you need to become a MEDDIC Master

Mastering MEDDIC

Mastering MEDDIC

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You will learn:

  • Metrics - Identify the three measures you need to help your client get their project approved

  • Economic Buyer - Learn how to successfully identify & influence the executive who holds the budget for your proposed solution

  • Decision Process - Understand how to turn your client's decision making process into a tool for closing deals on time

  • Decision Criteria - Learn how to outsmart your competition by strategically influencing the client's selection criteria

  • Identify Pain - Learn the three questions you need to answer to ensure that you have identified your client's real business problems

  • Champion - understand the crucial difference between a coach and a champion and how to discover what really motivates them

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