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The public course is run over four online sessions (once a week) and consists of all the five Champion Building workshops.


Upon succesful completion, you will recive a certificate to show that you are a Certified Practioner of Champion Building.

Why become certified?

Certified Champion Builders are amongst the highest-paid salespeople in the world and lead the way in enabling both their team and their clients to be more successful at what they do.


With 80% of sales being won or lost at the first meeting and 95% of the sale now happening when you are not there, there has never been a more important time to master your champion building skills.

If you are serious about wanting to increase your personal income, then Champion Building is a must attend course.

Public Course

Public Course

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Booking Info

QUALIFICATION: Certified Practitioner of Champion Building.

CURRICULUM: Five online workshops delivered over four sessions.

PRICING: £795 per person

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Course dates

Course Schedule

Mon, Jan 17th 1pm-3pm UK Time


Mon, Jan 24th 1pm-3pm UK Time


Mon, Jan 31st 1pm-3pm UK Time


Mon, Feb 7th 1pm-3pm UK Time

Course Schedule

Mon, Feb 14th 1pm-3pm UK Time


Mon, Feb 21st 1pm-3pm UK Time


Mon, Feb 28th1pm-3pm UK Time


Mon, Mar 7th 1pm-3pm UK Time

Your coach is Bob Skeens

Bob Skeens Course Trainer
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