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Champion Building Keynotes

How to build a better pipeline by starting your sales campaign at the executive level

When you engage senior executives early you dramatically increase your pipeline of new opportunities. Learn the latest strategies for filling your pipe by starting your champion building at the highest levels of your clients' organisation.


How to get selected more often by knocking it out of the park at the first pitch

Research shows that today, 80% of vendors are now selected at the very first pitch to the client. Learn how to achieve "1st Meeting Excellence" by knocking it out of the park and building champions at this crucial first meeting - whether online or in person.

How to increase your average deal size by learning what really motivates your champion

In this post-covid age, 95% of the sale now happens when you are not there. Get ahead of the pack with the latest tools for strategically influencing your champion to want to co-sell your solution with you.

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